Joy Burnford

Joy Burnford

My Confidence Matters Ltd
Bridging the gap

Joy Burnford writes, speaks and advises clients on how to progress gender equality. She is founder and director of gender balanced leadership and coaching business, My Confidence
Matters Ltd, and is a recognized trailblazer in gender equality with over 25 years’ experience as a business leader and entrepreneur.

She is author of a book called 'Don't Fix Women: The practical path to gender equality at work’ being published in November 2022.  As host of ‘The Confidence Conversation’ podcast and contributor of over 70 articles on, she has interviewed hundreds of senior business leaders, board members, CEOs, authors and experts, and has been cited in the national and HR press.

Through her extensive research, she helps build awareness and understanding of the obstacles that women face at work. She delivers talks, workshops, coaching and leadership
programmes for both men and women across her client organizations, and regularly speaks at conferences and industry events.

Joy sits on the Board of Directors of the East of England Co-op, playing a key role in ensuring the long-term success of the business. She is also a judge for the WeAreTheCity Rising Stars
Awards, and a supporter of the Women’s Equality Party and the Unleashed Women campaign led by the Hunger Project UK charity